Trans-Elect Development Company, LLC.
North America's Electric Transmission Company

CURRENT Projects:

Current Situation and Projects

Currently, Trans-Elect is engaged in developing projects in the Northeast, the Rocky Mountain States, and the Southwest in partnerships currently in formation with investor-owned utilities, a California municipality and generation developers to build new electric transmission lines.

The United States is coming out of a twenty-five year period of underinvestment in its electric transmission grid. In fact, with the growth in demand for electricity, the United States has experienced a disinvestment in the grid that has reached dangerous proportions. Many existing electric generating plants are constrained by the lack of transmission along with new facilities stymied by the absence of transmission. This reality is now widely accepted by Federal and state regulators and the climate is positive for the electric industry to build and expand the transmission grid.

As the pioneer in independent transmission and now industry leader, Trans-Elect is well positioned to create significant value in the electric transmission field. The Trans-Elect team has experience, demonstrated innovation and is positioned to successfully build partnerships that will result in hundreds of miles of new transmission development throughout the United States.

Trans-elect plans to develop new transmission projects for independent power producers including wind, coal, and hydro/pump storage in two ways. First, in partnership with integrated utilities utilizing the FERC authorized passive ownership model with Trans-Elect serving as the majority independent transmission company that enables utilities to meet their system expansion needs with less equity and earn higher returns. Secondly, in partnership with government-related entities such as state authorized infrastructure authorities, municipal utilities and public power transmission organization.